Technical Support

The Adult SASSI-3 and Adolescent SASSI-A2 can be administered online at any location with a computer that has an Internet connection, such as your office, the client’s home, etc. Single or multiple administrations can be purchased starting at $11.50 per administration with discounts for larger quantities.

SASSI Online provides registered users:

  • Client notification by e-mail for in-home or remote administration
  • Results within minutes, including the decision rule outcome, a graph of the client’s scale scores, and a brief report on the client’s SASSI scores
  • A secure online workspace to view SASSI results
  • Pay-as-you-go flexibility

CD Computer Software Support

Product Information

SASSI cd computer software is no longer available for new purchase.

Existing software customers will be able to continue purchasing activations for their software until we are no longer able to support the product due to changes in the PC world.  Type 1 software customers will be pleased to find the online system very similar to what they have been using and the transition should be very smooth. We will also be offering a paper delivery option to assist Type 2 software users with the transition. This option will allow you to print out the SASSI questionnaire from, administer it to your client, and then enter client’s responses into the online system through our friendly questionnaire entry feature.

Scantron customers will be happy to hear that we are currently developing a new feature that integrates scanned forms with our SASSI Online system.  Our goal for Scantron SASSI Online release is the end of 2016, however, we hope to have it available sooner.

Description of our previous Computer Software Types:

Type 1 – The client completes the SASSI at the computer, which graphs the results and gives a brief report on SASSI scores.

Type 2 – The client completes the paper version of the SASSI. The clinician then scores the SASSI and enters the client’s scale scores into the software to get a graph of the results and a brief report on the client’s SASSI scores. (Paper tests and profiles are included with all Type 2 purchases).

SASSI 4.0x Software Documentation

Both the Computer User’s Guide and document of FAQs for our software are included on the SASSI software installation CD. If you would like access to this documentation here you may download these files now. To download our Computer User’s Guide 4.0x in PDF format, please click here.