Update:  SASSI Computer Software

The SASSI Institute has always been dedicated to bringing customers reliable, up-to-date electronic product formats.   Our computer software was first introduced to customers in 1994.  Over the years we have released software updates to keep up with the improvement to our instruments, as well as the evolution of computers.  The digital world has changed tremendously since 1994.  For that reason, as of April 1st, 2016, we will no longer be selling computer software and begin transitioning customers to our internet-based software available at www.SASSIOnline.com.  SASSI Online is user-friendly, and an up-to-date electronic product that will allow us to continue offering a fully functional resource for computerized scoring and narrative reports.  The SASSI-4 will be available through SASSI Online.

Existing software customers will be able to continue purchasing activations for their software until we are no longer able to support the product due to changes in the PC world.  Type 1 software customers will be pleased to find the online system very similar to what they have been using and the transition should be very smooth. We will also be offering a paper delivery option to assist Type 2 software users with the transition. This option will allow you to print out the SASSI questionnaire from SASSIonline.com, administer it to your client, and then enter client’s responses into the online system through our friendly questionnaire entry feature.   Scantron customers will be happy to hear that we have developed a new feature that integrates scanned forms with our SASSI Online system. Please contact Technical Support for more information at 888.697.2774.

Our friendly Technical Support team is happy to assist customers through this transition, as well as answer any questions you may have.   We will also provide a free demo so you can experience SASSI Online for yourself.  We are confident you will be pleased with what you see.