Software FAQs

Can I move my SASSI software to a new computer?

The SASSI software release 4.0 is designed to allow users the flexibility to administer the computer administrations they’ve purchased from any computer that meets the system requirements for the software. When wanting to administer the SASSI from a different machine than the one the software was initially installed on, simply use the “SASSI To Go” option under the Data Management feature on the SASSI main menu. This will allow you to transfer any remaining unused administrations to a “SASSI To Go” folder on a thumb drive(not provided) or other removable media. Next, install the SASSI software to a 2nd computer using the SASSI 4.0 CD-ROM or installation discs, then transfer the tests from the “SASSI To Go” folder onto the 2nd computer, again using the “SASSI To Go” option under the Data Management feature. Further information on this procedure can be found in the Computer User’s Guide PDF files on the SASSI 4.0 installation CD.

What are the minimum system requirements for the SASSI software release 4.0?

– 233 MHz or higher processor
– 128 MB RAM
– 48 MB free hard disk space
– CD-ROM Drive
– Windows XP or higher
– Adobe® Acrobat Reader (Download current version at

Can the SASSI software be used across a network?

Yes. Except when the Scantron® SASSI software is being used to scan SASSI forms, the SASSI software can be utilized simultaneously by multiple users when it is run from a network drive. It is recommended that you install the SASSI from a workstation onto the network drive rather than installing it directly onto the server. Also, it is important to note that if the SASSI To Go feature is to be used at all, procedures should be established beforehand regarding who can use the feature and when it is to be used. This is important because once any remaining unused SASSI tests are transferred using the SASSI To Go feature, no remaining tests will be available to the others who want to run the SASSI program from the server. Additional administrations would have to be activated or the remaining tests would have to be transferred back into the SASSI program on the server in order for unused tests to be available for use from the server.

Can I remove the SASSI software from my computer?

Yes. If you wish to save a copy of your SASSI data to be used in another program, first use the Export routine in the Data Management module and store the YYMMDDeX.txt (e.g., 010801e0.txt) file it creates in a folder other than your SASSI folder. If you’d like to save a copy of your data that can be used in the SASSI program again, use the Backup routine in the Data Management module and again, store the YYMMDDbX.dbf (e.g., 010801b0.dbf) file it creates in a folder other than your SASSI folder. Then, to remove the SASSI program from your computer, click the “Start” button at the bottom of the Windows Desktop and go to “Settings” then to “Control Panel” then click on “Add/ Remove Programs.” Select “SASSI 4.0x” and click “OK.” Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the SASSI from your computer.

Is the SASSI available in a version that can be run through an automated reader?

Yes, SASSI software designed to read Scantron® forms of the Adult SASSI-3 or the Adolescent SASSI-A2 is available for purchase. The price of the software is included in the price of the paper Scantron® forms to administer the adult and adolescent SASSI measures. For further information see the product catalog section on our web site at, or phone SASSI Customer Service at (800) 726-0526.

Is the SASSI software available for other operating systems or platforms?

Presently, the SASSI software, release 4.0 is available only for Windows XP or higher.

How do I activate questionnaires when I install the SASSI software for the first time?

At the end of the installation process, you will be instructed to call SASSI Customer Service at (800) 726-0526 with the 12-digit number that appears on your screen. The technician will give you a corresponding code to enter, which will activate the number of tests you originally ordered. Note that you will not be able to change the number of questionnaires to activate as it is based on the amount that you purchased. However, you will be able to activate more questionnaires when needed (see next FAQ below).

Can I activate more questionnaires on my computer?

Yes, to purchase and activate additional administrations of the Adult SASSI-3 or the Adolescent SASSI-A2, please contact SASSI Customer Service at (800) 726-0526. Please have your SASSI Customer ID available, as well as the serial number from your SASSI software (both of these are printed on the SASSI installation CD label). Activation of these additional administrations can be done over the telephone. To activate additional administrations, go to the Activate More Questionnaires feature on the SASSI main menu and follow the instructions before calling. If you are using Type 2 SASSI software, the accompanying paper tests and profiles will be mailed to you following purchase and activation of additional computer administrations.

Can I activate less than 25 SASSI administrations?

Activations of SASSI software require a minimum purchase of 25 tests per activation. However, our web-based version of the Adult SASSI-3 and Adolescent SASSI-A2 can be purchased in single or multiple administrations and administered with security safeguards via the Internet at any location (e.g., your office, e-mailed to a client’s home, etc). For further information on our web-based products visit

Can I purchase more than one demonstration copy of the SASSI software?

No, we believe that one copy is sufficient for previewing the operation of SASSI software.

If my hard drive crashes and has to be replaced do I also lose my SASSI software?

You will have to use your SASSI installation CD to reinstall the software on another hard drive. You will then have to call SASSI (800) 726-0526 to reactivate the unused questionnaires you had remaining before the crash. In addition, if you don’t have a current backup file, you will lose the database that contains your client data. Use the Data Management option on the SASSI main menu to regularly backup your SASSI database file YYMMDDbX.dbf (e.g., 010801b0.dbf) and store it somewhere other than your C drive so that you can use this file to Restore your client data to the SASSI program in the event of a hard drive crash. Consult the Computer User’s Guide PDF files included on the SASSI software installation CD for further information about the backup and restore procedures.

When my client is responding to the items on a SASSI Type 1 computer administration, can the client change a response after going past the item?

Yes, to change a response before the software has scored the questionnaire, the client must first complete all True/False items and may then review those responses and make corrections. The same opportunity to review and correct responses is available once the Face Valid items have been completed. Responses cannot be changed after all responses have been completed and saved.

When using the SASSI Type 2 software, can I change a scale score that I’ve entered if I make a mistake when entering it?

You do have the opportunity to correct a scale score entered by mistake while you are still on the scale score entry screen. However, the program does not allow revision of scale scores once the report has been generated.

Can I enter all responses from a SASSI paper version into the SASSI software and get a report and results?

SASSI Type 1 software is designed to present the full SASSI questionnaires to clients at the key­board. The software then scores these responses and generates a report and a brief interpretation of the client’s profile. SASSI paper questionnaires are provided only with SASSI Type 2 software. The client completes the SASSI paper form, the clinician scores it using the transparent scoring key, and then simply enters the client’s SASSI scale scores into the Type 2 software, which generates the report and the interpretation of the client’s profile. Responses to individual items cannot be entered into the Type 2 software.

Can I copy my report to a word processor and elaborate on the report?

No, the content of SASSI reports cannot be modified. However, copies of SASSI reports can be attached as addendum to your own assessment reports. The report can be printed from within the SASSI program, either when first viewing the results of a given administration, or by using the Review Results option on the main menu of the SASSI software. Once the report is opened, you can save an electronic copy in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format for later viewing, printing, or mailing as an e-mail attachment. To save the report as a PDF file simply click the disk icon on the Acrobat Reader toolbar visible at the top of the report once it is opened, name the file as you choose, and select the folder location you prefer to save the report to.

When I print the report on my color printer, I do not see any text, I only see the color back-ground on the SASSI graph, why?

The black ink cartridge in your color printer may be out of ink.

What happens if I enter the wrong password after administering a test?

The program is designed to give you three attempts to enter the correct password. If you fail after the third attempt, you may be sent back to the SASSI main menu. If this happens, click on the Review Results button at the main menu and enter the data necessary to retrieve the administered test, such as client name, client ID number, etc. Once the correct test is retrieved, click the report button at the bottom of the screen and enter the correct password at the next screen.

How do I gain access to my data if I forgot my password?

Contact the SASSI Technical Support at (888) 251-4147 for further assistance.

When I open my SASSI-3 for Windows program after I’ve installed the SASSI 4.0 I see an error message that reads “Microsoft FoxPro: Overwrite invalid FoxUser file with a new empty one?” “Yes or No?” What should I do? 

Click “No.” Your SASSI-3 program will run normally.