Substance Abuse in Vocational Rehabilitation Screener2 (SAVR-S2)

The SAVR-S2 is a brief screener validated for use with clients with disabilities, to identify high or low probability of substance use disorders, including misuse of medications.
Ages:18 years and up
Reading Grade Level: 5
Accuracy: 86% Based on empirical studies
Administration: 5 – 10 minutes to administer
Paper administration with automated scoring and narrative report


Pricing includes access to the SAVR-S2, Spanish SASSI, and the SAS-ASL, User’s Guides, automated scoring, and reports on clients’ screening results through the Scoring & Report Service.

Quantity Price Per Auto-Score Report
1-9 $11.50
10-24 $9.00
25-49 $7.50
50-99 $7.25
100-199 $7.00
200-299 $6.75
300-399 $6.50
400-499 $6.25
500-599 $6.00
600-699 $5.75
700-799 $5.50
800-899 $5.25
900-999 $5.00
1000 or more $4.50

*All orders must be made by calling 800-726-0526

Product Information

The SAVR-S2 includes use of the Scoring & Report Service, User’s Guides, automated scoring, screening results report, and accompanying support materials.

The SAVR-S2 User’s Guide Includes:

  • Non-technical, step-by-step information on administering the SAVRS-2
  • Information on the development and validation of the SAVR-S2
  • Basic information on interpreting reports and resources for referral services

To register your organization and to purchase administrations, call SASSI customer service at 800-726-0526.