SASSI Online is a web-based system for the administration and scoring of SASSI questionnaires which provides narrative reports on client screening results. Through your secure workspace, backed by our Security Commitment, SASSI Online enables you to order and administer questionnaires, receive immediate scoring of clients’ responses, and review client results and profile reports, all using a standard web browser and an internet connection.

Available Questionnaires: Adult SASSI-4, Adolescent SASSI-A2, and Spanish SASSI

FREE use of available research questionnaires: Provisional French SASSI-3, click to learn more.

SASSI Online benefits include:

  • Web accessible and compatible with almost all common browsers, computers and, devices including tablets and smartphones
  • Meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations including HIPAA, 42CFR, and other regulations regarding confidential client data
  • Results within minutes, including the decision rule outcome, a graph of the client’s scale scores, and a narrative report on the client’s SASSI scores
  • Pay-as-you-go flexibility providing ability to purchase in any quantity with discounts by volume
  • Multiple administration options which include an emailed link directly to the client to be completed remotely
  • A secure online workspace to view, store and save SASSI results
  • Integration options for large organizations for use with electronic record systems or other custom systems available
  • Free Clinical Support is available from SASSI Clinicians at 888-297-2774
  • Free Customer Support is through our Technical Support Department at 888-251-4147

For additional information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions about SASSI Online.

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Pricing for Online Administration are as follows:

Price Per Administration
1-9 $12.50
10-24 $10.00
25-49 $8.50
50-99 $8.25
100-499 $7.25
500-999 $6.50
1000 or more Call for Quote