Adult Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory – 4 (SASSI-4)

Now Available!

Available in the following formats:  Paper & Pencil  |  SASSI Online


SASSI-4 Training is now available through our SASSI Training Online.


The Adult SASSI-4 has some exciting new features to offer:

  • A brief new scale, Prescription Drug (Rx), was added to accurately identify individuals likely to be abusing prescription medications.
  • Validated to screen for multiple levels of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) severity: The SASSI-4 screens for SUD along the full DSM-5 continuum of severity: mild, moderate, and severe SUD.
  • Distinguishes likely Substance Use Disorder from other psychological disorders: The SASSI-4 can accurately identify the presence and the absence of SUD, even when other psychological symptoms are present.
  • Enhanced SUD identification through subtle items that have been added to the SASSI-4 SAT scale.
  • Additional face valid items to identify symptoms represented in the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.


The Adult SASSI-3 is a valid instrument and can continue to be used by customers.
However, SASSI-3 is no longer available for purchase.